Sex Therapy can sound embarrassing or even scary!

To help set your mind at ease, here are some of the questions that others frequently ask or email to us:

How is sex therapy different from normal counselling?

Sex Therapy uses the same techniques as normal counselling, where the basis is talking about the issues.

Therapists will use similar counselling strategies to what might be used for  depression, anxiety and relationship issues, except the focus is on sexual problems as the treatment issue. The educational component of sex therapy often involves providing clients with information on how their bodies work, and how to better understand the other gender.

Privacy is an issue. How can I be sure it will be confidential?

The clinic has a frosted glass door and only clients of the clinic are buzzed into the foyer when they arrive. Once in the clinic there are over 25 psychologists and counsellors based at the premises, so nobody needs to know that you are seeing a sex therapist. Every sex therapist provides counselling for other health and relationship issues as well as professional supervision.

In addition, therapists are bound by counselling or psychology ethics and are only obligated to report life threatening behaviour to prevent harm to self or others.

Isn’t it embarrassing to see a sex therapist?

Please don’t be embarrassed. As you will see from the above answer, your privacy is assured.

Contrary to the messages coming out of Hollywood, physical intimacy can be fraught with challenges – past sexual abuse, after child birth, major surgery or health issues, physical problems such as vaginismus or impotency, etc. Your intimate relationship has a huge bearing on your overall health and wellbeing, so it is worth seeking professional help if you are having any form of difficulty. Your therapist helps people with these type of issues every week.

My partner only wants to deal with a male therapist – do  you have one?

We suggest you book an appointment with Willem van den Berg or Dr David Wells, or one of the other male psychologists listed on this site.

Of course! All of our therapists are more than happy to work with you.

I want to see somebody who shares my Christian views, especially when it comes to sex.

We recommend you book with Dr Peter Noordink, Joey Tai, or Vivian Jarrett, although again, all of our therapists are more than happy to work with you and will respect your views.

How can I book an appointment?

To book an appointment with any of our highly qualified sex therapists, simply head to our Appointments page, where you can choose to either book online or by phone.