What is Sex Therapy?

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Many people are embarrassed or worried about the thought of going for sex therapy, and may even fear what is involved.

The reality however is that people from every age and stage of life have sexual problems, worries or concerns, and this is where sex therapy or counselling can help.

Your sexuality is such an important part of who you are, and can have a profound effect on your overall happiness. Being comfortable with who you are as a sexual being and being able to express that safely and freely are key to your overall health and wellbeing.

Sexuality plays an important part in being at ease with the intimacy in a relationship. Sexual confidence plays an integral part of being able to be close to your partner and to create a lasting bond. Relationship issues and sexual issues are closely intertwined: sexual problems cause relationship issues, and relationship issues can cause sexual issues.

What can a sex therapist can offer you?

  • A qualified sex therapist is someone with many years of counselling experience and has then attended further training in the area of sex therapy.
  • A sex therapist can listen to your concerns or worries in a non-judgemental, strictly confidential environment and will treat your issues with sensitivity, care and professionalism.
  • You may choose to see a sex therapist alone, or with your partner, spouse or friend.
  • Telephone appointments may be available if you are not comfortable with a face to face appointment (although after the initial anxiety of meeting with a sex therapist, many find tremendous relief and useful information!).

Why do people seek out the help of a sex therapist?

There are many reasons why a person or couple may consider attending sex therapy. Some common topics discussed in therapy include:

  • What holds you back from fully enjoying , expressing and exploring a fulfilling sex life?
  • Sex is an integral part of life through all it’s stages – but how is our sexual identify formed, and how does that impact on our attitudes, beliefs and actions in this area of life?
  • Do you struggle with your body image and hormonal changes and how does this affect your sex life?
  • Have you lost confidence following a divorce, separation or an illness?
  • Are you unsure of your sexual orientation and what that means for your life?
  • Are you wanting to explore and deal with sexual inhibitions?
  • Are you a teenager who is curious about this part of life and wanting straight answers?
  • Are you a parent who is concerned about how their child or teenager is expressing themselves sexually?
  • Are you suffering from any kind of sexual dysfunction (whether you are male or female)?
  • Are you a couple that is wanting to increase sexual intimacy, or to increase their communication about sex?
  • Are you concerned that your partner is watching internet porn and what this may mean to your relationship?
  • Are you worried that you have a sexual addiction or a fetish?
  • Is sex a sore point in your relationship? Has it become the source of emotional or physical  discomfort rather than pleasure?

This often taboo subject can be an emotional minefield for many people. Talking with a qualified sex therapist can help with these sorts of issues.

Linda Thomson Brisbane Sex TherapistAuthor:
Brisbane Sex Therapist Linda Thomson has a Bachelor of Human Services, Masters of Counselling and Masters of Social Work and is a member of the ASSW.

Linda has many years of experience in different fields of counselling, as well as extensive training in and a passion for sex therapy, because she believes that it can help others in such an important yet often misunderstood part of our lives. She has recently returned from Canada, where she completed Levels 1 and 2 of the internationally reknowned Gottman Method Couples Therapy program.

Linda has coordinated and managed counselling services in the not-for-profit sector for several years. She has been involved delivering a personalised and effective approach to for people going to counselling, as well as training, mentoring counsellors and providing professional supervision.

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