Linda Thomson

Linda Thomson Brisbane Sex TherapistLinda Thomson,

B Soc Sci, M Couns, M Social Work, Member of AASW.

Linda has worked in the area of mental health and human services in various roles  including managerial roles for over 15 years since completing a degree in Human Services in 1998.

In 2005, she completed her Masters of Couselling and was able to combine her extensive work history in the area of mental health with her passion for counselling in her work environment.  In the last six years she has worked across two different not-for-profit counselling organisations, including Anglicare Kinections as a program coordinator (line manager) and senior counsellor responsible for supervising the counselling services provided by counsellors, social workers and psychologists to children, couples and families to referred to the services.

Linda has always had a passion  for helping people to overcome obstacles in their lives to enable them to reach their full potential.  She has worked with couples to enhance relationship intimacy, improve communication and around managing family issues. Linda works with strategies such as mindfulness, schema therapy, family therapy, grief and loss, narrative therapy and motivational interviewing.

Sex Therapy & Relationship Counselling

Linda has a special interest in relationship counselling and sex therapy.  After extensive training and many years of clinical practice as a relationship counselor it became apparent that sexual issues were the unaddressed/underlying  issue with many couples. Sexual issues were often overlooked in the context of relationship counselling, clearly needing to be addressed as part of a holistic view. Combining the two areas of expertise and offering couples and individuals the benefits of couple and sex therapies, helps to minimise the amount of time that individuals/couples spend in therapy. Sex therapy helps individuals or couples to improve relationship intimacy through discussion of sexual problems, relationship issues, and expectations, and provides information on sexual functioning, low desire and enhancing mutual satisfaction in sexual relationships. Therapy often begins with constructing a detailed sexual history and/or relationship history, and examining the origins and the patterns of the current situation.

Even early family and peer experiences can be linked to current unwanted behaviours and relationships. Through counselling, individuals and couple are brought to a deeper awareness of the relationship between thoughts, feelings and behaviours and are in a position to challenge some of these beliefs if required. Individuals/couples feel empowered to make better choices and feel better about life.

Linda enjoys helping people navigate their sexual expression and their presence in society. Counselling interventions like mindfulness and acceptance and commitment training (an evidence-based therapy) are especially helpful in the area of sex therapy as they can immediately give people skills to make a difference to  their current situation.

What can sex therapy help with?

Sex therapy is a specialised field that combines the complexities of human relationships whilst treating such things as a sex-starved marriage, grief and loss over a previously active sex life,  sex avoidance, or finding difficulties staying in the moment during or before sex. Common sexual dysfunctions that can be treated include:

  • Men: erectile dysfunction, rapid/premature/delayed ejaculation, low desire
  • Women: low desire, painful intercourse, vaginisimus / vulvadynia.

Are you keeping secrets and lies from your partner?  For both sexes, sexual inexperience, coming out, sexual anorexia, childhood sexual traumas, fetishes, porn, swinging, bondage, and body image may all be concerns.

Mindfulness – Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

Mindfulness / ACT teaches people to:

  • Learn to observe one’s thoughts without judgment
  • See thoughts as just thoughts, not facts
  • Change their relationship to their pain in order to become “unstuck”
  • Develop a healthier understanding of self development
  • Heal their relationship with themselves so they are able to fully engage in other relationships
  • Manage /reduce  anxiety by stopping the struggle with their own thoughts

Linda has completed training in this area to an advanced level and attended many of the masters classes that have being offer in this field such as working with depression and anxiety, borderline personality disorder, self identity, trauma and mindfulness. Linda has found that ACT therapy to be very successful in treating clients with any kind of sexual issues that may be anxiety based.

Grief & Loss Counselling

Linda has studied this subject at a Master’s level and has a broad understanding of  the theoretical interventions. Working in this field and in-depth training allows her to compassionately help people through what can be extremely unsettling and difficult times in their lives. Linda has written a manual for supporting Maori people through bereavement.

Grief and Loss is something that will affect all of us at some stage, and we all have very  individual responses to grief and loss.  It is a powerful human experience encompassing all aspects of a person eg biological, psychological, spiritual and social. Loss can be an event happening to us  a process  of adjustment to an interpretation, an experience or a state.  Loss is produced by an event which is perceived to be negative by the individuals involved and results in long-tern changes to one’s social situations, relationships or cognitions (Miller & Ormarzui, 1988, p.12). Grief is the emotional  response to loss. The complex amalgam of painful affects include sadness, anger, helplessness, guilt and despair (Raphael, 1984, p.33).

Grief and loss can be very relevant at the moment to people who are currently facing redundancy and may be in need of assistance with the major life transition they are facing, and the grief about the job they have lost.

Chronic Pain Management / Lifestyle Related Illness

Whilst completing her final Masters of Social Work, Linda became involved in the lifestyle management and prevention program in a hospital setting and wrote a conference paper on the benefit of support groups for people suffering from  heart failure  The lifestyle prevention and management  program focused on the management of chronic health conditions such as heart failure, lifestyle dietetics and helping people to adapt to their changed circumstances, utilising mindfulness which has been found to be a powerful counselling technique that Linda has incorporated into her counselling practice.  Therapy can help with improving your motivation to maintain an adapted lifestyle, and embracing the positives that may bring, as well as helping to accept the losses that may that occurred as a result of the illness.

Clinical Supervision for Therapists/ Social Workers

Linda has over six years’ experience as a line manager of  multi-disciplinary teams in the field of counselling.  These teams were/are  responsible for  delivering quality therapy in very complex situations requiring family therapy, couple’s counselling and children’s counselling. As clinic manager, Linda  oversaw the quality of these services as well as treating more complex family/individual  situations that required the experience and  expertise of a senior counsellor.  A strong component of the roles was providing clinical supervision to psychologists, counsellors and therapists in many  different  modalities. Linda has also tailored training in supervision to met the individual needs of the organization requiring the training.

Phone & Skype Counselling

Linda is excited to be able to offer you therapy via the latest technology!

Given the pressure of modern living, it may suit you not to leave the comfort and convenience of your home and office but still be able to access good quality therapeutic care with a fully trained and experience psychotherapist. Busy executives, active parents, high profile figures, those challenged by pain, individuals who travel, live in remote areas and those who suffer from anxiety, may be ideal for telephone or Skype counselling sessions. Given the highly sensitive nature of sex therapy, some people may feel more comfortable accessing assistance this way.

However, if people want counselling in the more traditional setting our office provides a private, inviting and relaxing environment with ample parking and easy accessibility.

To book an appointment with Linda Thomson, please call the office on 1800 877 924 or book online now!