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Julie Fickel has a wealth of experience in providing Intimacy Counselling for women and their partners …

Many women experience sexual difficulties in the course of their lifetime. As the child-bearers of our species, sexuality is tied in with procreation, relationship, bonding with children, our sense of self as well as personal well being and pleasure. Sex has a variety of meanings at different times of our lives and different stages of our relationship.

Sexual Worries & Concerns

People from all different walks, ages and stages of life have sexual problems, worries or concerns. Common difficulties range from painful intercourse following the birth of a child, loss of interest in sex and intimacy after a baby or in response to life events, and low or mismatched libido.

Your sexuality is such an important part of who you are and has a profound effect on your overall happiness, health and well being. It plays an important part in being at ease with the intimacy in a relationship, which is integral to closeness and bonding. Relationship issues and sexual issues are closely intertwined in that sexual problems cause relationship issues and relationship issues can cause sexual issues.

Men and women communicate in different ways and are impacted by very different hormones and life events. It is thought that men experience emotional intimacy through sexual connection, while women are more likely to want sex if they first achieve emotionally intimacy.

Sex Therapy for Women

I am a midwife and counsellor, and have attended further training in the area of sex therapy. I can listen to your concerns and worries and you will be treated with sensitivity, care and professionalism; you can speak with me as an individual, or with your partner, in a confidential environment.

Some common topics discussed in therapy include:

  • Normal anatomy and physiology of male/female genitals
  • Hormones that affect arousal (increase and decrease)
  • How male/female arousal is different (hers – internal, takes longer to achieve and easily lost; his- external, more obvious and quicker to respond)
  • Libido types and mismatched libido
  • Statistics on orgasm and erection time – and the age old question should he last longer or could she come faster?
  • What does a fulfilling sex life mean to you? And what prevents you from having that?
  • Do you have sexual inhibitions or low libido?
  • How is sexuality identified and formed and how does that impact on your attitudes, beliefs and actions in your life or relationship?
  • Do you want to increase sexual intimacy or communication about sex?

Sex After Baby

Having a new baby can be the most amazing journey – and the most terrifying! Activities that previously drew you closer as a couple and rituals you enjoyed for self-care are replaced with a frantic routine, lack of sleep, and loss of regular contact with the outer adult world.

A new little person in the mix can magnify problems in the relationship, making you wonder what you ever saw in each other as you become tired and critical. On top of everything elsem your libidos don’t match and even if you do “feel like it”, you don’t have the energy and there are often “more reasons not to” be intimate.

As a midwife with counseling training and additional qualifications in sex therapy, I can listen to your concerns around being a new parent, and help give perspective, as well as practical tips for managing time, communicating with each other, supportive partnering, being open to finding reasons to say yes to intimacy, and exploring ways of coping that you have previously found useful.

What to Expect

Useful strategies in intimacy therapy are:

  • Getting the facts – statistically what is the norm or average (not Hollywood or porn)
  • Communication styles/ love languages
  • Anticipating spontaneity
  • Understanding the differences between males and females
  • Exploring the ‘good enough model’ for sexual intimacy
  • Engaging positive coping and partnering skills

Julie-FickelAuthor: Julie Fickel, RN, PG Cert Health Science, PG Dip Midwifery, Cert IV T & A, Cert IV Pastoral Care.

Julie Fickel is a highly qualified professional sex therapist with many years of experience. Julie offers counselling sessions via Skype, telephone, and face-to-face at M1 Psychology Loganholme. To arrange an appointment, please call (07) 3067 9129 or book Julie Fickel online now.