Christian Sex Therapy

Couple holding hands What is Christian sex therapy?

At one point or another, most couples benefit from marriage counselling – and Christian couples are no different. For all that sex is normal and natural, it doesn’t always come naturally – a bit like other normal and natural functions, like breastfeeding!

The discussion of sex and intimacy is important for a successful long term relationship. Some Christian groups have more conservative moral rules that make the discussion of “what is normal” difficult.

Common Discussions in Christian Sex Therapy

These are a few of the common issues that are often discussed when Christian couples come to see me for marriage counselling:

  • How to avoid feeling guilty when having sex.
  • What are normal sexual behaviours if you have only had one partner.
  • What are permittable intimate behaviours with Christian couples.
  • Fears of what others think if the relationship is outside marriage.
  • Pornography addiction that has been hidden for many years (and may have been just discovered).
  • Body image and self confidence.
  • What is normal for the other sex, and what boundaries are appropriate.
  • Fears around a possible affair.
  • Past sexual trauma, or regrets about sexual experiences that occurred before marriage.
  • New relationships after divorce.
  • My teenager has different values to us.

Christian couples experience all the same issues as other couples. It’s important to bring in moral-based reasoning and discuss how some rules are created by religion and others by culture. Often it is difficult to know “what” is normal or permittable.

Most Christian-focused sex therapy appointments are single session, and it is wonderful to have the opportunity to share openly about a topic that is so important to every Christian marriage.

Sex in marriage should be enjoyable, welcomed and fun. If it isn’t, then please book an appointment so that we can discuss and find ways to improve your intimate relationship!

Author: Vivian Jarrett, B Psych (Hons), MAPS, MAICD.

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Vivian Jarrett is a Christian psychologist, passionate about helping others to live life to the full! She herself has been happily married for over 25 years.

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